Insect Light Traps - Optica 180

  • Food Processing
  • Food Stores
  • Eating Places
  • Kitchens
  • Health
  • Domestic

  • Service Features
  • Light weight for easy carry and installation.
  • Sideways-opening fascia for ‘hands-free’ high-level servicing.
  • Push-fit glue board replacement for correct positioning every-time.
  • Flex and fit reflectors for easy tube access and replacement.

Performance Features
  • Slim line profile to minimise blind-spots and maximise UVA footprint.
  • Large ( glue board to catch more insects and reduce replacement frequency.
  • Grid-marked glue board for insect identification and HASSP compliance.
  • 3x25 watt UV tube option for extra output in high-risk situations.
  • Single unit wall-mounted and twin-unit suspended modes give position and coverage options.
  • Pheromone Location Tray to allow increased attraction of targeted insect species.

Unit Features
  • Silent operation and out of sight catch area for totally discreet control.
  • Optional insulated fittings model (to IP65) for wet-wash locations.
  • Worldwide Safety Certification for regulations compliance confidence.

Insect Light Traps

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