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The Autotowel offers both manual and sensor driven options in the same look. The manual option has 2 paper length mechanisms, cutting sheets at 235mm and 280mm. The sensor unit offers a number of adjustable features including paper lsength, delay time, sensor proximity and retrofit mains power transformer. The most prominent feature of the sensor unit is its ability to deliver up to 40 rolls of paper from a set of copper top alkaline batteries. Both units can accommodate various widths and paper core sizes and will deliver both one and two ply towels.

The ultra slim folded towel dispenser is the answer to space limit sites. The durable ABS plastic gives the unit a strong exterior. The unit is designed to hold 264 sheets of ultra-absorbent TAD (Through Air Dry), folder paper towels. The dispenser has both a quick release opening system and a lockable function.

The newly developed Wastecare Bin brings an industry first innovation to the washroom to take care of unsightly paper waste. Its stylish flowing lines will match most paper dispensers. Unique features include the clip out waste chute made from polypropylene plastic that allows for easy cleaning and can be interchanged for another colour to compliment most washrooms. The built-in continuous roll of degradable fragranced liners makes for easy bag removal and reloads. The quick release lock mechanism doubles as a manual compactor allowing for a greater volume of waste to be disposed of.

The V Dry hot air dryer is the new generation in commercial washroom drying systems. The V Dry is faster, quieter, more compact and uses less power than leading hot air dryers in the market today. The V Dry also has a power adjustment feature which allows the user to set the unit to use the most practical and ecological friendly amount of power in the washroom. With a drying time of less than 10 seconds and innovative drying area LED lights system V Dry is here to dominate the market.

The innovative Spilpak Towel Holder built to hold 100 meters of highly absorbent paper towel is the latest innovation for use in any areas that require paper to mop up spills. The innovative wall mount allows the unit to be both static and portable. The ideal substitute to kitchen or shop towel that requires frequent replacement. Compact, versatile and waterproof, Spilpak offers the user a portable dispenser with a paper control ratchet mechanism that offers many more features than conventional systems at a far lower cost.

The HXII soap system is available in a manual unit that has the ability to dispense liquid, foam and gel formulations through a sealed cartridge and pump system. The 0.4ml pump has the ability to dispense 1750 applications from the 700ml cartridge. A unique feature of tha manual unit is the retrofit counter designed for back of house hospitality and medical applications that registers the amount of hand washers over a period of time. A retrofit elbow bracket is also available for the manual unit.

The HXII soap dispenser has the ability to dispense liquid, foam, antibac liquid, antibac foam and waterless gel formulations through a sealed cartridge and pump system all in one dispenser. The 0,4ml pump has the ability to dispense 1750 applications from the 700ml cartridge. The HXII Auto works off of 4 X AA batteries which will supply a total of 20 000 pumps per battery set. The unit has a sensitivity adjustment lever so the user can choice their desired dispensing range.

Hand washing is the activity that has the single largest impact on reducing the spread of disease. The SDI can accept a choice of innovative liquid or foam pumps which provide flexibility for a choice of users preferred soap option (antibacterial, lotion, foam and alcohol sanitizers) without the necessity to change the entire dispenser.

The Betasan antibacterial gel dispenser is the perfect addition to any workplace environment to break the bacteria cross contamination chain. Every day thousands of potential harmful bacteria and viruses are transmitted through hand contact. From the introductory hand shake to using doors, fax machines and drinking from coffee cups. This dispenser gives the user 0.4ml dose of Betasan antibacterial hand gel which will kill 99.9% of harmful contamination agents and leave the user with a 4 hour barrier of protection.

Betasan antibacterial hand gel is the next step in hand sanitization. Formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Betasan moisturises and leaves the users hands fresh and sanitized. Cross contamination is the number cause of absenteeism in the workplace. By cutting out the main cause of sickness in the workplace one can ensure a more productive environment. Betasan is fast drying and kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria while leaving a 4 hour protective barrier.

Airmist fragrance dispenser available in 270ml and 100ml variations with the same programmable features which include real time programmability, service frequency setting, on and off days, alarm features and a battery indicator. The patented IPE (Intensity Plus Event) function, enables fragrance intensity programming, allowing the user up to 3 periods per day for enhanced fragrance delivery to suit location requirements. Up to 2 years of battery life using alkaline batteries. Airmist delivers more neutraliser and fragrance with less propellant.

The Omniscent® fragrance delivery system is unique in its ability to provide continuous and consistent fragrance delivery to large interior spaces, whilst providing total user control of output and intensity, creating a positive user experience in areas such as gyms, reception areas and hotels. One unit will fragrance an area of up to 500 cubic metres. The range of Omniscent® fragrances are extensive and are created from natural essential oils derived from wood, fruit, spices, flowers etc. We can also recreate a specific, or create a bespoke fragrance, when required.

Quadrasan toilet and urinal sanitizer provides the most effective automatic hygiene system that ensures clean, sanitised and odor free toilets and urinals 24hrs a day. With features that include real time programmability, service frequency settings, on and off days, alarm features and a battery indicator. The patented IPE (Intensity Plus Event) function, enables the dispenser to be programmed up to 3 additional periods per day for enhanced sanitizer fluid delivery to suit location requirements. Up to 2 years of battery life using alkaline batteries.

Even seemingly clean surfaces can harbour vast numbers of harmful bacteria. Easy to use Safeseat provides the individual with the opportunity to clean and sanitize surfaces, such as toilet seats, effectively before use. The Safeseat sanitizing chemical is ultra quick drying and effective against all harmful bacteria commonly found on and around toilet fixtures.

Bioclean is an environmentally friendly bacteria based surface cleaner for multiple applications. Bioclean is used for cleaning, sanitizing and eliminating odours on hard surfaces in commercial washrooms. The key feature of Betasan Bioclean is that it produces bacteria which break down organic material 17 times faster than traditional bacteria which causes the harmful bacteria to perish due to lack of a food source. Bad odours in a washroom are caused by harmful bacteria breaking down organic matter and releasing foul smelling odours, therefore the odour problem in a washroom is eliminated. Unlike cleaning chemicals that require agitation to release their disinfectant properties Bioclean creates a film of bacteria on the surface which continues to work hours after application.

The Femcare sanitary disposal system is available in both manual and sensor options. The one piece slim line design ensures installation is possible in even the smallest cubicle. A unique wall mounting allows for regular floor cleaning access below the unit. Colour coded accountability system helps to ensure that the unit is serviced correctly. The removable discretionary chute made from durable polypropylene plastic can be changed at regular intervals to ensure maximum hygiene.

Betasan P max is a new product offering from Hygiene Systems. The product takes the form of specially selected lightweight particles impregnated with natural biocidal active ingredients. It offers real anti-microbial performance and longevity and its active ingredients are compliant with the Biocidal Products Directive 98/8/EC.

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