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Airmist fragrances are modern and offer style and impact options to match all preferences. All Airmist fragrances are complex, long lasting and offer unique fragrances for a variety of locations. Airmist reells come in 270ml and 100ml options and can last up to 60 days in a service cycle. Airmist aerosols come in a choice of 11 standard fragrances to suit any consumer preference. The 2 piece actuator on aerosol ensures optimum fragrance dispersal everytime.
The QUADRASAN dispenser offers 2 different choices when it comes to sanitizing your commercial urinals and toilets.
SDI soaps are formulated from the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best quality soap is manufactured. SDI’s Antibacterial soaps and Waterless hand sanitizer hold SABS certiicates for back of house use. SDI soaps are pH5.5 to ensure the users hands are left in excellent condition after use. The sachet system of delivering soap ensures that the user will always have non contaminated hygienically accepted product to wash their hands with. The sachet system also helps the consumer logistically by helping them monitor the soap usage during the course of a month and decrease potential theft opportunities. SDI soaps are used in the SDI soap dispenser where 5 different soap options are available in one unit.
Multiliners are designed for use in Wastecare and Femcare Bins but also suit a range of commonly used bins such as kitchen cans, pedal bins and office waste baskets. Suitable for both commercial and domestic environments. Multiliners are delicately fragranced with lavender odour neutraliserto counteract and mask unpleasant odours. Rest-assured, Multiliners are made with the biodegradable additive TDPA® (Total Degradable Plastic Additive). TDPA® is sensitive to the exposure of raised temperatures, ultraviolet rays, and mechanical stress which prompts modiied plastic to degrade quickly in a decomposable environment(such as landdll, compost, water or soil).

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